| a ministry of Steve & Janette Karges

Global Initiative

The following Global Initiative was launched by Children's Ministries International, Inc. in July for the edification of parents, pastors, and children’s ministry leaders worldwide. These guiding principles will help local churches to clarify and define their ministry to children. As Christians look through these lenses, the focus of children’s ministry becomes clear.

  • JESUS, JESUS, only JESUS is the heartbeat of our ministry.
  • The Scripture is the textbook we use to teach TRUTH.
  • The Holy Spirit enables Christians to live and mentor TRUTH.
  • Orphans have God's ear. Caring for them is what Believers do.
  • Children flourish in families.
  • The Church is where families thrive.
  • Christian parents are the best pastors to their own children. Our job is simply to come-along side of them.
  • Christians are equipped for ministry to children.
  • Global children's ministry is the outgrowth of all of the above.